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Wine List


1. Sangiovese | Revel

2. Cabernet Sauvignon | Revel 

3. Malbec | Revel 

4. Barbera | Monchiero

5. Bordeaux Rouge | Chateau le Grand Verdus

6. Cotes du Rhone | E Guigal

7. Pinot Noir | Jovino

8. Petite Sirah | Laughinghouse

9. Rioja [Tempranillo] | Sierra Cantabria

10. Red Blend [Merlot, Barbera, Syrah] | Chime

11. Cabernet Sauvignon | Scotto

12. Bordeaux Listrac-Medoc | Forces Hosten

13. Borolo | Monchiero


1. Laurentia Vidal Grigio | Seconda Volta Vineyards 

2. Albarino | La Cana 

3. Chenin Blanc | L'Ecole

4. Gewurztraminer | Harpersfield

5. Riesling | Alfred Graf

6. Tarima [Merseguera, Macabeo] | Bodegas Volver

7. Chardonnay | Domaine Talmard

8. Trebbiano | Masciarelli

9. Sauvignon Blanc | Ten Sisters

10. Chardonnay | Lava Cap

11. Sancerre | Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy


1. Grenache | Jean Vincent

2. Tavel | La Vigne du Roy

3. Cotes de Provence | Marie Madeleine


1. Prosecco | Terra Serena

2. Moscato Rose | Innocent Bystander

3. Blanc de Blanc | Pierre Delize 

4. Brut Rose | Marotti Campi

5. Champagne | Collet

Food List


1. Smoked Almonds
Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

2. Olives and Cheese
Why are you still reading? It’s olives and cheese. Fontina cheese, because we know you’re going to ask.

3. Bread and Oil
Bread freshly baked by Allez Bakery
It’s bread. Dip it in the oil. Or don’t. We’re not the boss of you. 

4. Bruschetta
8 pieces, but you don’t have to share. Toasted, topped with our Revel bruschetta and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.


1. Meat
A big pile of fancy cured meats and artisan cheeses served with fresh bread. It’s gourmet as hell.

2. Fake Meat
Just like the meat plate, but the “meat” is vegetarian and we give you some nuts too. You know, for protein.

3. Sandwich and Soup
Italian meats and cheeses on fresh bread served with the soup of the day. No, we won’t cut
the crust off. 


1. Ask about dessert options I Or don’t. It’ll save more for us.

Drink List

wine Cocktails

1. DROGON I Fire + wine. Larger and more aggressive than its siblings.

2. Fizz I Listen, it’s pretty simple: a little amaretto, a lot of bubbly, and a cherry. What more do you need to know?

3. O Tea R I As if a Long Island needed any more ingredients...
We added a little burgundy to the party.

4. Recoleta I The Argentinian version of a Manhattan.
We make this not-so-classic cocktail with malbec and brandy.

5. Red Top Margarita I We add a deep red layer of malbec on top
of a traditional margarita. Ya know, just to mix things up.


1. Limoncello (Classic) I Tessora

2. Limoncello (Crema) I Tessora 

3. Brandy I Amaro Nanine 

4. Brandy I Asbach Uralt 

5. Grappa I Bertagnolli Grappino 

6. Port I Rotating selection 

7. Bourbon I Amador 

Draft Beer

We feature four rotating local taps. Chances are you'll find something you like. If not, drink the damn wine. 


1. Soda 

2. Coffee 

3. Tea 

4. Ask about our mocktails


Ask the staff about current special(s) 

Wine FLights

10% off your choice of any three 6oz or 9oz pours